Rather than talk about our winery, we invite you to visit it because it is located between two very interesting sites: the archaeological park of the Roman colony of Urbs Salvia, the current Urbisaglia (sung by Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy - Paradiso Canto XVI) and the medieval town of San Ginesio, which still preserves the ancient buildings and walls of sandstone. Moreover, yet is only half an hour from the sea, is located on the edge of the Parco dei Sibillini, in the harmonious landscape of the Marche region.

From a technical standpoint, the cellar is equipped to produce high quality wines and our professionalism is evidenced not only by the loyalty of our customers, even by those growers (a few selected) who, wishing to produce their own wine and not have their own winery, we were given the task of making wine their grapes, knowing the seriousness and care with which we do our work.

The bulk of the work we do, however, produced with grapes from our vineyards, which allows us to have under control the whole business: from the cultivation of the vine to bottling the wine.

Moreover, the authenticity of wines together careful research of local culinary products has meant that individuals and companies are turning to us to choose their Christmas and business gifts.
The winery is open by appointment and, as attached, is the company store where, in addition to our wines, we also sell other products typical of our country (oil, stuffed olives in olive oil, pasta, cookies, etc. ...) and where possible to make some guided tastings accompanied by such products, both sitting at table in the room (up to 20 people seated) and standing (even more than 100 people). The opening hours are as follows: Monday to Saturday 8.30-12.30 / 15.00-19.00.