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The D.O.C. San Ginesio recovery and establishes two distinct wine traditions of our land: the production of San Ginesio Rosso and the production of San Ginesio Spumante.

The San Ginesio Spumante is one of the few sparkling red Italian DOC and is produced with the grape of Vernaccia Nera, the vine that more than any other we distinguish.

The San Ginesio is produced through the harvesting of grapes grown in the territory of San Ginesio and surrounding municipalities. The limited area of production, means that the two resulting wines are unique and unmistakable. The grapes used in the proportions set out in the specification are:
  • for the San Ginesio Rosso (red wine): Sangiovese, Vernaccia Nera, Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Ciliegiolo
  • for the San Ginesio Spumante (red sparkling wine): Vernaccia Nera

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